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Who We Are

Our History

Since 1989 more than 2,500 Black, Brown, and Bi-Racial student in Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities have received culturally specific instruction in core curricular areas, along with essential travel exposure through The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success.

The Academy SPS is designed to be academically rigorous, is taught by a diverse group of culturally knowledgeable staff, and is housed on a college/university campus. Because of these components, students are more likely to possess the tools they need to succeed in post-secondary educational programs after participating in The Academy.

The Academy SPS serves 25-40 students for six weeks each summer, many of whom return for multiple experiences throughout their high school careers. It is the only non-remedial, proactive program of its kind in Iowa.

Our Statistics

 99% of The Academy students graduate from high school.
90% of The Academy students matriculate at a post-secondary institution.
80% of Academy students show improvement in school attendance.
90% of Academy students see improvement in their GPAs if they continue with the program.
75% of the students who enroll in The Academy complete more than one summer.

Academy students trend toward more rigorous curricular choices in high school. Though our statistics speak for themselves, there are few words that express the invaluable, enriching experience that is The Academy
for Scholastic and Personal Success.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success is to instill pride in and understanding of African American culture as a tool to encourage academic achievement and positive behaviors, toward post-secondary matriculation and productive citizenship.

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