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Parental Involvement


Parent involvement in Academy programming is crucial–both because parents may need to “put their foot down” in order to encourage students to attend an academic program during the summer, and because parents as volunteers and supporters are necessary.

The Academy requires parent involvement from the Orientation through the Closing Ceremony. If a parent is unwilling/unavailable, a responsible adult may support the student. Parents are oriented along with students regarding the structure and expectations of the programs. They must engage in a one-on-one conference on their student’s progress, are expected to attend the Closing Ceremony, and are encouraged to visit classes and even travel with The Academy on our post-session trips.

Parent volunteers are also expected to support the program by attending meetings and helping with student fundraisers. Once a student is an “Academy Kid”, the family becomes part of our “Family”.

Parent involvement takes many forms but is always necessary.

Can you:
– Be a speaker

– Be involved with parent groups
– Chaperone
– Travel
– Other

If you are interested please click here to fill out our parent involvement form.

Questions? Contact Charrisse Cox