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Corporate Sponsorship

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Just as The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success benefits from the support of local companies, it is our desire to maximize the benefit our sponsors receive when supporting The Academy SPS. The growing concern for corporate responsibility and the proven benefits of supporting the community creates opportunities for companies to seek partnerships with organizations that can help promote a positive image. A strategic alliance with The Academy SPS, an organization with an over 30-year proven track record of serving the Cedar Rapids community, will help create brand recognition and enhance your company image.

Please Note: The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success is a 501c3 charitable
organizations and your company will qualify for tax-exempt donations.

Click here to watch a short video of some recent CRCSD graduates who credit The Academy SPS with their post-secondary progress.

Click here to complete our Corporate Sponsorship Form. After submitting the form below, we will contact you to schedule a meeting. 

We would like to personally invite you to attend our newest program: Critical Conversations. 

We are happy to report that Critical Conversations will return for Season Three.
Our theme, Timeless Voices: The Speeches/Letters of Notable African Americans,
will meet on Zoom, the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 7:00-8:30 PM,
beginning September 28.
(We are planning to build in a couple of in-person meetings as well. More to come on that later).

Plan to participate in the discussion, analysis, and salient conversation regarding the words and wisdom of
Nikole Hannah-Jones, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and Angela Davis, among others.

We will be peeling back the layers; you may think you know these contributors to our history–and you may–
but there is always more to know.
Join us to begin or continue learning.

Moderators: Dr. Ruth E. White, Eric McKinley Thompson, and Betty Daniels

Registration is required. 

Register here to reserve your spot and to get updates on future guests and topics.

The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success Critical Conversation Season 3: Timeless Voices