Meet Our Staff & Interns

Dr. Aqeeb Sabree comes from a “math family”—his mother and father both hold master degrees in mathematics. Dr. Sabree completed his undergraduate studies at Texas Southern University, and he holds a master’s degree and doctorate degree from the University of Iowa. As an undergraduate student, Dr. Sabree completed multiple undergraduate research opportunities; one of those was working for the Gulf Coast Consortia Computational Cancer Biology Training Program at Rice University. Following these experiences, he was accepted into the statistics graduate program at Rice University and the mathematics graduate programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Texas-Arlington, and the University of Iowa. Dr. Sabree entered graduate school with the intention of blending his love for mathematics with his love of programming. While at the University of Iowa, Dr. Sabree completed research in Functional Analysis, which is the foundation of many machine learning algorithms.  Moreover, he completed the University of Iowa Data Science Institute, which sparked his interests in work encompassing Data Analytics, as well as Data Science, using Python and Tableau.

Dr. Aqeeb Sabree is married with three beautiful children—ages 1, 5, and 9 in 2021. He and his wife, Dr. Ruqiah Muhammad, got married “fresh out of high school”; and they journeyed together through TSU, summer undergraduate research opportunities, and the University of Iowa (both earning their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees). Dr. Sabree’s family is his pride and joy. Dr. Sabree is a life-long learner that enjoys reading, enjoys playing a multitude of sports, enjoys playing chess, enjoys data science, enjoys mathematics, and humbly enjoys passing on any knowledge he has been blessed to acquire.

Dr. Sabree has been the Math and Science Instructor for the Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success (ASPS) since 2016. Dr. Sabree’s teaching style urges students to see mathematics beyond words and numbers on a page. He helps them to see mathematics as something crucial to the history of the world; that is, the progression of knowledge, communities, and science is connected to advancements in mathematics. Moreover, mathematics is central to African history. Africa was the destination of mathematicians for centuries, and through their African studies of mathematics new innovations were sparked.

When teaching math is approached from this perspective, students begin to feel a sense of ownership to the material they learn. Dr. Sabree has taught the ASPS students content from Algebra to Calculus, Physics, and Computer Science. Being intentional about increasing student confidence has allowed Dr. Sabree to push students beyond a typical mathematics curriculum, and this is done in a span of six weeks. Dr. Sabree describes his primary teaching goal as fostering each individual student’s progress towards the manifestation of their excellence.

Eric McKinley Thompson serves as Director for The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success whose mission is to instill pride in and understanding of African American culture as a tool to encourage academic achievement and positive behaviors, toward post-secondary matriculation and productive citizenship in all Black, Brown and Biracial students.  He also serves as the Percussion Director and Community Program Coordinator for the Jane Boyd Community House where youth, family and community are championed in order to cement academic achievement, enhance and support all families and promote inclusive growth and opportunities for families & neighborhoods to be successful, both in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Holding a Master Educators license, Thompson also possesses an Undergraduate Diploma with Distinction in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory of Music, Bachelor of Science in African-American History with a minor in Political Science from Northeastern University, and a Master of Arts in Arts & Humanities with a Specialization in the teaching of Social Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is also a Marching Percussion Specialist with Vic Firth Sticks as a member of their Education Team.

Thompson is currently a Ph.D. student at The University of Iowa in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies: Schools, Culture and Society and is unconditionally honored join the AERA Graduate Student Council and to begin serving as Junior Representative in Division F.



Meet Our Staff & Interns

2021 Prairie High School Graduate.

ASPS Student for 4 years.

1st Year ASPS Summer Intern.